About The Tank Media

The Design&Marketing Gurus

Marketing,Design,Sales and Business Development 


Marketing,Design,Sales and Business Development for Professionals.

We’re very serious about our dedication to the business world.

We are marketing gurus with a history in web&graphic design, which gives us the edge.

With knowledge and experience as our key, we expect the best!

So Who We Are?

social-media-gurus-managersWe are experienced and seasoned marketing gurus with graphic design backgrounds that lend to a keen sense of current trends.


And What We Do?
we-do-social-media-marketingWe provide Social Media Marketing-Setup&Management, Website Design and Maintenance, Graphic Design, Video Production,and Podcast Advertisement for the professional, retail and commercial industry.
When will we do it?

fast-social-media-marketingWe function best on the immediate, and recognize time is wasting if you’re only trying to get by.


Why do we do what we do
expand-business-via-social-mediaWe thrive on the art of the sale and love helping professionals in all fields succeed!
How will we do it?

social-media-strategyWe mesh your company with our Social Media Marketing strategy to make it possible to saturate your business to your target market with a clever visual message of your services and or products.


So, Why Us?


  • Because we have no hidden costs or long term agreements
  • Because we’re experienced (20yrs.) in the field of marketing
  • Because we know what works on the internet
  • Because we care about producing more-bang-for-your-investment
  • Because we’re serious about making you look good
  • Because we’re a close knit company rather than a cold shoulder corporation
  • Because we’re local (so if you’re in So Cal, we’ll come to you)
  • Because we’re here to win


Where can we do it?
social-media-management-orange-countyWe’re located in the hub of Southern California Orange County, but we also use Google map, so there’s not a place in the state we can’t locate.

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