Doing something new is not always such an easy task at the moment, if you know what I mean. And responsibility may not be your closet ally when you’re running ragged from a PTS lazy syndrome. So what do you do when push comes to shove and you have to do something that may show your lackluster inability in the public sector? Social Media doesn’t require you to be a social mogul, but you will have to come out of that closet meandering lifestyle. Oh, you can maintain in the high comfort of your three-man REI tent, or hang out in your rusted out Airstream or even lay naked in backyard hammock. Of the three, the latter would be a tad over the top, so maybe the first two would suffice.

 What is a Social Media Manager?

So before we go too far, I’m not a fan favorite of working for the man, cause I tend to lean on the side of the entrepreneur. So when managerial skills are needed, I come up short sometimes. What is a manager, other than someone who takes care of biz? Looking out for others is all part of the game. You must wear the coat of responsibility, the hat of accountability and the pants of getting the job done, no matter the odds. A manager in the sports mecca is there to regulate, orchestrate or mitigate the entire team. So if you’ve been hand picked, or it’s all about rock, paper and scissor or you were held at gunpoint in a dark alley, then you be the anointed one . . . ala manager!

[1] Being a manager is breathing outside the box you live in.

We have to go out to get in, so to speak. The biospheric conditions we camp out in have to be expanded. There is more than the more we’re use to. It’s easy to think within four stuffy walls but the real world in real time really is outside the stinky box existence. Don’t let limitations limit you. Don’t allow for public opinion to squash your dreams. And never take a backseat to some scum-sucking, leach mongering piranha. Look for the answers, because they are there!

[2]Are you working for the man or are you the man?

Doing time in some else’s prison of sorts is not always a walk in the park, so to speak. Yet there are valuable concessions that make a minor dent in the fabric of our search for a better tomorrow. The man, who is the boss, is one who may have a handle on the pulse or is just flailing in the wind like the rest of us. If you’re on the other end of the spectrum, and work for yourself, then you answer to no one else but your lonely self. Time served is time spent, and the real reason for this blog is to help everyone on planet E salvage more happy hour scenarios for peace and longevity of the human race. Managing your lifestyle may seem rather dubious at time but you have to find the sweet spot so you can bring it on home.

[3]It may feel like your cleaning toilets on a daily basis.

Yes, the mundane or redundant nature of this duty is part and parcel of making something happen as a manager. You may not like it, and I get that a lot. You may not want to do anything and maybe throw in the big friggin white towel. Or you just might want to jump from the Golden Gate, but that’s tad out of your area of expertise so you tight rope in the comfort of your local 24hour gym. It’s all about being constant, it’s all about knowing your audience, and it’s all about having a total game plan and executing it on a regular go around.

So what’s on tap?

It’s you!

The Social Media Manager.