If you were lookin for an online social media course that speaks to that inner child of yours, or is able to train the complete novice or even enlist a certified grade A numbskull, then you’ve come to the right place at the right time, my friend! This Social Media Course is a true, blue, winner, and why you need to take the time and make it your own, by investing in yourself and moving into the future.

[1] The first part of this course is finding your creative thread.

It’s all about learning what it’s like to exist outside that utopian box of normality. Challenging yourself to a regular diet of Mr. D’s spontaneous combustion and incorporating that into your social media platforms and then knowing what to do by managing my “ten and win” doctrine, which is percentages from our creative thought sessions, by saving them and archiving them for a rainy day.

[2]Next is adhering to a constant beat of regularity by never quitting, so put down the paddle!

This is a never-ending barrage of beating the same dead horse, so to speak, by making lemonade out of the shiploads of tart lemons. Redundancy gets a bad rap these days, yet it’s ringing in the halls of our educational system and the political sector. You need to stay on point when you’re trying to move the mass to a safe zone, so they say. It’s consistency that takes you to the head of the class. Learning the how tos for managing social media are all very doable and extremely simple so don’t be afraid to stand up.

[3]Number three is connection.

This is a lost art that’s pleading and bleeding for humanity to comeback to the basics of caring about real people again. Connection is that mandate that’s tying coattails with your fan base. When it comes to social interaction on the Internet, it’s all about connecting the dots with your adoring fans and helping them feel you really have a heart. It’s not the easiest chore to salt the oats so they drink, but you have to seize the moment to get a moment in return. The standard mantra of “what goes around, comes and slaps you in the face,” if you will, is so common place when you hide out in your abandoned Nike missile silo somewhere in the grandiose OC!

[4]On the docket as our forth candidate is being a bearer of light.

Sometimes it’s brighter than you think. Sometimes there’s gold up in them there hills. And sometimes it’s the super nova illuminati or more commonly known on the streets as “seeing the light!” We all tend to frolic in the darkness while crawling to make hay even though we should be stellar humans, by standing upright and bringing thirst quenching light to a drab world. Don’t we crave for a new day? Are we not dwelling on some fantastic paradise get-away? Is there not more to the dim lighting that targets our everyday path to nowhere? You’ll become a spokesperson to all those who are seeking Cal Trans Lights in full operation, so to speak!

[5]Number five is being informative or as I say, “jaw-dropping in prime time.”

There are those speakers or motivators traipsing the planet who challenge our core to a new and improved shell. They’re here for us to become better servants to those who are wounded by adversity. Information is gold, as long as it’s food to a starving soul. Information makes it happen, as long as it gives the tools to see it grow. And information respects the mass, by giving everyone the steps to becoming potentially great. Give the people what they need not what they want!

[6] Lastly, it’s about opportunity that’s knocking at our front door.

We tend to hide our head in the ‘sand of the obvious’. It’s easier to avoid than to deal. I’ve been there, done that a trillion times! They say, “Winners win, and losers go fishing.” That’s so true. When push and shove are on the gurney of life, we tend to run for cover instead of leaping headfirst into the mosh-pit of success. Opportunity is just seconds away. It may be a small tweak. It may be a huge metamorphous. Or it could be just changing your shorts. Let’s not forget that we’re only seconds away from manhandling that Mocca Frap or seconds away from chowing down on that Quarter Pounder. If we think there’s hope, then hope is prime time, and on it’s way!