What Are the 11 Absolutes About Social Media?

When we hear the term ‘absolute’ we may cower, hide from or recoil into some stealth figurehead. There’s power in that logos! There are requirements that demand action and tons of what ifs, if we fail to act. Below is my take on the legal aspect to this natural birthright as Americans, who fly the flag of freedom and are still able to man the mouse and dabble in the social media hopscotch playground to get results.

They say, “money, knowledge and time will get you potential success.” Well, here are 11 absolutes that can assist you to be successful in walking on water and not drowning via ignorance.

1.Becoming Alex Trubek or the dude behind the curtain has always fascinated me to no end.

There’s always “smarter” on every corner, so don’t be fooled any longer! When it comes to Social Media, you have to have the answers to the bleeding questions. You need to research like your searching for a cure. You must take the steps up the towering ladder to climb K2 to becoming Yoda. No one in the social media hemisphere likes a dummy. It’s not the blind lead the blind, like so many other avenues. You must become the Doctor with the correct answer.

2.Virtual Reality is transposing the real into the real space of time.

People want the ‘eye to eye’ tour. They want what you want. They’ll look farther than we do if that carrot is dangled far enough. We’re not blood bros on this one but a close attachment is necessary for those looking in to hang on to what we’re ranting about.

3.Q & A is a common place after most sporting events.

A place to air the dirty laundry of the game or what really happened out there. Having a question and answer element in our social environment is part of the scratch and sniff we bring to the table. People love to have a chance, love to try and jump but they need the coaching, even from a distance!

4.Interact with your email subscribers because that’s what works.

Remember: connection is the authentic appeal to those who are craving transparency. Life breeds life. Closed-doors is only for those who are totally narcissistic. Our life is not our own. We have to trade punches with those we spar with on a daily basis.


5.Peaking for an interested party favor with clever content seems to be a standard modus operand these days in social circles.

What we say has got to be worth the readers time, wouldn’t you think? I have a tough enough time dealing with scads of pics that have no bearing on my life or any other mammal on planet E. Write like your life depended on it. Take time to make your own baby, but share the wealth my friend!

6.Listening is the first sign of caring.

And don’t we all want to show a little love around the campfire? I’m not begging for a show of hands or asking to be involved with regular group hugs but all I’m seeking is someone to lend an ear. We got to get off our high horse and take the time to hear what they’re saying. We have to make a way around ‘our life staunch abode’ type of existence and offer a olive branch.

7.Connecting the dots with all the social media platforms is a must.

You can’t play some random crusader. It’s not cascading like your some super hero! The team is a team. You have some that are good at what they do while the others are great at what they do. It’s a team that makes your social media mecca grandiose. All together now!

8.Like your friends or your customers on FB.

You have to step out of your comfy zone at some time in your pathetic wavering, right? Lend a hand and step across the mote. Come out of your panic rooms and seize the day by stating that you’re my friend. Friends make it real time. Friends are all about making community. Friends are here for the duration of eternity. Wow!

9.When we’re hatched on this barren oasis and become a full-fledged stellar humanoid, we get attention at first glance whether we like it or not.

In social media, you have to face the facts face first by doing something like the X Games. Jumping into the fire, or juggling knives or even swallowing some high-energy, caustic poison is how we’ll get the viewing bystanders attention. The time is ripe for getting eyes buggin-out-of-their-sockets!

10.Maybe earning social trust is not an easy go around.

Most of those on the Internet sense and feel dubious at first sight. It’s an uphill climb to ease the fear and correct the wrong. We all have a right to not believe a word someone else states. We’re Americans with rights front center. So a handshake or a nod will not always get court approval but it’s a start in the right direction.

11. Always stay authentic to your mission statement.

Do you have a purpose as a company? Hopefully it’s not only about the ‘duckets’! There has to be more than some day-to-day hoopla that caters to no one! Why are you in this business? What are your goals or purposes to existence? Asking questions will bring on the resolve for a brighter future. And staying on track to what you are as a company is a must. Stay true, stay constant and stay on track!