How to do Social Media Marketing?

Everyone’s looking for the “keys to life” these days, don’t you think? They’re either locked up in some black box, or behind lead-lined closed doors, or they’re dangling in a panic room nearby. And don’t we hate to have someone chime in from the grandstands and tell us what to do, when we think we know better? Oh, it could be our pride or it might be tragic history to refuse but usually it’s just a simple cry for help. So let me share seven helpful hints to becoming the master of your social media domain!

[1] The first thing we need to be aware of . . . is all the social media that’s available to us.

What platforms work better, how much is too much, or how can we make them work to our advantage displaying our company brand? Because they all seem so simple to set up, and easy to maintain, and I know we don’t need a masters to comprehend the potential. But these free mediums do require gobs of time and knowledge on how to connect with your fans. So knowing the potential landscape will help immensely.

[2] Figure out how to locate our market.

We have to know who will potentially buy our product or use our service. Whether they be found in a niche forte or the major populace, we have to know who wants what we have to offer. That is the ABC’s of using social media as a tool and not be completely overwhelmed by the amount of the unknown. The service or product we have must be or become enticing so there will be throngs of wannabe’s needing what you have to offer.

[3] Be aware of the tedious, daily-grinding, ongoing job-a-thon that we have in front of us and to remain in a “constant” mode of travel.

It’s imperative that we don’t lose sight or get distracted of the day-to-day process that will ultimately end with compound interest in our favor. Every social media guru may spin their tale from there slant but I’m stating here what has worked for me every time. Let’s never forget that no one wakes up at the crack of dawn to pull weeds in the back forty, believe me, no one!

[4] The fourth is being clever and creative.

Even if there’s not an ounce of inspiration in that shell of ours, we have to dig deeper and find that creative nugget even if the excavation crew has to dig to China. There has to be something inside each one of us that makes us shine above the rest. I know it’s in there, or we wouldn’t be sifting through this informative, jaw dropping blog together, right?

[5] Our fifth major ‘how to’ is to connect with our fan base or audience on each one of the social media platforms.

Each site has their own unique flavor and multiple purposes in mind, as they seamlessly work with absolutes that are grandiose for biz marketing, and all at the cost of a meager chump change exchange. It’s “eye to eye” that must take place. Whether it’s window shopping or gazing from afar, it has to connect with those screaming hordes who would die to just be a part of the craze!

[6] Six is converting, selling, turning over, making it happen, not wasting an ounce of time, or doing it until we can taste it.

Conversion is the one goal of why we’re actively engaged and working on it as a lifetime project. We have to bankroll our blood, sweat and tears to offset the scads of hours lost in translation. We have to sell our service, sell our brand and sell ourselves! Now that’s total sacrifice to the nth degree, “say I”!

[7] Lastly, the process has to be fun.

We can’t make it so taxing that we tax ourselves off the planet! We need to know that many have come before us and have succeeded, so let’s make that our focus point! Being winners and taking captives is still an admirable task while manager your social media fortress. Yet it all comes down to enjoying this part and making sure there is fun happening at its core!